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          Hakuba Airport Transfers

There are 2 main choices if you want to avoid public transport and be taken direcly from the airport to Hakuba.


The Nagano Snow Shuttle.

This   is   the   best   option   for   getting   to   or   from   either   Narita   or   Haneda   airports. You   just   make   your way    to    their    counter    inside    the    arrivals    lobby    and    they    will    put    you    on    one    of    their    very comfortable buses (pre-booking required).


Leaves Narita daily 09.15 am, 12.00 pm, 15.00 and 20.30pm . o Takes 6 hrs to get to Hakuba Leaves Hakuba daily at 08.00am, 09.30 am, 10.30 am, and 15.30pm o Takes 6 hrs to get to the airport Times   in   red   run   daily   from   December   21st   till   March   11th,   other   times   only   26th   Dec-25   Feb.      Outside   of   these   dates   you   will   need   to   either book  "Chuo Taxi" (below) or make your own way by public transport to Hakuba. There is a fixed meeting point inside Terminal 2 for the aiport pick up. Meeting point for return transfer is at the Hakuba Base terminal in Echoland.


¥9,500 each way. o For   the   transfer   from   Narita   add   ¥750   if   you   would   like   a   drop   off   in   front   of   your   accommodation.   For   the   3pm   and   8.30   pm   departures this is compulsory due to the late arrival time in Hakuba. o For other times the drop off point will be at the Hakuba Base terminal at the bottom of Echoland


Chuo Taxi

This   option   is   best   used   only   if   your   dates/times   do   not   work   in   with   the   Nagano   snow   shuttle   schedules.   It   is   far   more   expensive   than   the   latter,   and the   buses   in   general   are   not   as   comfortable   either.     They   do   a   name   signboard   meet   at   the   arrivals   lobby   which   does   make   things   easy,   and   the   drop off/pick up is at your accommodation. Door to door including a name signboard meet at the arrivals lobby. Costs ¥15,900/peson each way + ¥1,000 per group fee for the name signboard meet. They normally require 7 days notice for bookings.
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