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Food deliveries in Hakuba

There   are   only   a   few   places   that   will   deliver   food   to   your   door,   basically   pizza   and fish   &   chips.   This   can   be   very   handy   if   you   are   staying   in   a   remote   section   of Hakuba and don’t have access to a car. 

Restaurant delivery list

Hakuba Pizza Pizza deliveries with online bookings. Free deliveries for orders over ¥ 3,500. Over that delivery is ¥500 . Deliveries 5-10pm   Ph:+81-261-852114 Menu      Morino Pizza Free pizza deliveries for the Happo, Wadano, Echoland and Misolano areas. Deliveries 5-10pm Ph:+81-806933-1077 Menu         Republik Fish & Chips Fish & chips, chicken & chips etc. Delivery is ¥500  yen Deliveries 6-9pm Ph:+81-261-850049 Menu           
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