Japanese Taiko evening drum tour

For   something   completely   different   and   that   won’t   break   the   budget   why   not   go   and   see   the Otari   Daiko   Performers.   Taiko   drumming   is   an   ancient   art   developed   by   the   Japanese   and dates   back   to   the   6th   century   and   is   an   intricate   part   of   their   traditional   culture.   But   the   best part   of   the   tour   is   not   necessarily   watching   these   professional   musicians   work   their   magic,   it   is probably the part where you get to play the drums together with them. Tour details Cost 2,000 per person Includes drink and snack Pick up 19.00 pm- 19.20 pm, transfer to Otari village. Watch performance 19.30 pm-20.00pm Play together with the team 20.00-20.40 pm Arrive back at accommodation at 9pm Minimum of 3 participants required Held every Thursday between 21st December & 22nd Feb (except 28th Dec & 4th Jan) Advance bookings necessary.    HAKUBA SANROKU TOURS             http://hakuba1.com/english/daytour             booking@hakuba1.com             Ph: +81-261-72-6900  
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