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Where to stay in Hakuba? It is not important to pay top dollar to get right next to the slopes since there are 9 ski resorts you can go to and there are shuttle buses to all of them. Whilst it might be covenient to be slopeside, you still need to catch a shuttle bus to get to the other resorts, so unless you are only going to ski at the one resort it may not be worth the substantial extra cost. Use the following guidelines: Look for a place close to the shuttle bus routes AND close to places to eat. Avoid places in the middle of nowhere with no or few way restaurants or bars nearby otherwise you will be at the mercy of your accommodation owner. The Donguri and Ochikura regions spring to mind. Do not rely on getting a rental car because they can be hard to come by. If you are going to be staying near any of the ski resorts besides Happo make sure you are close to the resort bus stop as you can so you do not have to walk to far to catch the Hakuba Valley shuttle bus system to get to other resorts. The Hakuba Valley bus has its stops right at the base of each resort. Best locations: Happo near any of the slopes- easy access to all the resorts and lots of restaurants nearby. Echoland and nearby Misolano for the same reason as well as proximity to airport shuttle bus terminal. Train station area is also not a bad place to stay.


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