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Renting a Car in Hakuba

This   is   becoming   more   common   nowadays   in   Hakuba   and   is   a   real   option,   especially   if   you   have   booked accommodation   away   from   the   shuttle   bus   routes,   or   have   a   large   family   for   example   so   just   can’t   be   stuffed   with catching   buses.   Same   rules   apply   as   anywhere   else-check   over   the   car   properly   before   you   rent   and   make   sure you   have   a   copy   of   the   included   insurance.   Most   important   thing   is   to   drive   slowly-ice   is   not   the   easiest substance   to   stop   quickly   on   and   sometimes   it   can   be   difficult   to   see.   Remember   to   lift   up   your   wipers   when   you leave   your   car   to   prevent   them   sticking   to   the   windscreen   and   don’t   put   on   your   handbrake   as   it   can   freeze; instead make sure it is in gear and on a flat surface. You   will   need   your   international   drivers   license AND   your home   license.   Without   BOTH   of   those   you   are   driving illegally   and   insurance   won’t   cover   you.   The   standard insurance     policy     that     is     provided     by     the     rental companies    still    requires    you    to    fork    out    the    first  50,000   yen   in   case   of   an   accident   and   as   usual   they will take a hold against your credit card for that. There   are   2   companies   currently   renting   cars   in   Hakuba-they   both   pick   and   will   drop   off   for   free.   If   you   are looking   at   getting   first   lifts   then   you   will   need   to   rent   from   the   day   before   as   you   won’t   be   able   to   get   the   car before   09.00   am   or   so,   making   it   a   bit   of   an   expensive   exercise.   All   cars   come   are   4WD,   equipped   with   snow tyres,   GPS   and   ski   racks. The   2   companies   are:   Hakuba   Car   Rental ,   based   near   the   train   station   and   Windy   Car Rental   located near Happo. Price depends on the type of vehicle you want, and how long you want it for.
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