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Happo   One   is   the   biggest   and   oldest   ski   resort   in Hakuba.    No    less    than    5    events    were    held    there including   the   ski   jump   and   downhill   ski   events.   It   has one    of    the    highest    vertical    drops    in    Japan-about 1,000   metres   and   has   incredible   views   from   the   top of     the     grand     Northern     Japan     Alps.     For     the demanding   skier   or   boarder   it   has   everything-steep runs,   ungroomed   powder   terrain   and   a   great   terrain park.   Beginners   are   also   not   left   out   but   really   it   is more   suited   to   intermediate   or   advanced   riders.   It also   has   a   lot   more   lifts   than   it   needs   as   a   result   of the   bubble   era,   and   hence   except   for   holiday   periods you rarely have to wait in queues. There   are   4   main   access   points   to   Happo,   starting   at the    left    looking    up    the    mountain    in    the    following order: Nakiyama   -   plenty   of   free   parking   and   this   is where   most   of   the   free   shuttle   buses   come.     Has   night   skiing   but   definitely   not   a   beginners area, for intermediates plus. Gondola   area   -   popular   on   those   cold   or   wet days.   Very   limited   parking   (all   paid)   and   if   you want   to   come   all   the   way   down   you   will   have to be at least a lower intermediate. Kokusai    area.    Closest    access    from    Tokyu hotel    and    that    area.    Steep,    moguled    slope down   so   you   will   want   to   make   sure   you   catch the Kokusai 1 lift down unless you are a pro. Sakka   area.   Most   beginner   friendly   area   at Happo      and      easy      access      from      many accommodations in Wadano. Best   on   course   powder   to   be   had   is   on   the   skyline ridge,   accessable   from   the   left   of   the   Kurobishi   pair lift   no   3   (see   course   guide   on   left).   Having   said   that the   Happo   patrol   don’t   seem   to   bothered   where   you go    except    for    the    open    face    with    the    avalanche barriers   visible   on   your   right   when   you   get   off   the gondola.      Best   children’s   area   is   in   the   Sakka   region where    they    have    a    children’s    park    complete    with tubing   courses   and   trampolines.   This   is   also   where the   beginner’s   area   is   located.   Happo   Backcountry   is second   to   none   in   Japan   but   you   need   to   have   your own   avi   gear   and   be   sufficiently   experienced   or   go with an accredited guide.  Places to eat/drink/nightlife There   are   many   places   to   eat   both   on   the   mountain during   lift   hours   (many   at   the   top   of   the   gondola)   and also   off   the   mountain.   It   is   blessed   with   many   bars and   restaurants   due   in   no   small   part   to   the   many hotels   and   lodges   providing   a   steady   flow   of   patrons. For    places    to    eat/drink    in    the    gondola/nakiyama section   see   this   page    and   for   the   wadano/kokusai area see this page .

                               Happo One Ski Resort

King of ski resorts in Hakuba

   Mountain Statistics

Lifts 26 Courses 13 Highest point 1830 mtrs Vertical drop 1070 mtrs Annual Snowfall 11 mtrs/year Steepest run 35° Terrain Park Yes Night skiing Yes Children’s area Yes  
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