Hakuba, Japan Ski and Snowboarding Resorts

There   are   at   9   ski   resorts   in   the   Hakuba   region   of   Japan,   and   knowing   which   one   to   go   to   can   be   a   little   overwhelming   at   times. This   quick   reference   guide will help you decide, but for more detailed information we have a whole page devoted to each ski resort as well.

Happo One Ski Resort

Happo   is   the   biggest   and   the   most   popular   of all   the   ski   resorts   in   Hakuba.   It   has   all   types   of terrain   from   beginners   to   advanced   and   the backcountry    runs    are    second    to    none    in Japan.    The    steeper    runs    become    moguled displeasing most boarders.

Goryu Ski Resort

Goryu   and   47   can   both   be   accessed   on   the one   ticket   and   is   a   challenger   to   Happo   for the    most    popular    ski    resort.    Like    Happo, Goryu   has   slopes   to   suit   everyone   and   it   also has    probably    the    steepest    run    in    Hakuba (Champion course).

Hakuba 47 Ski Resort

Together   with   Goryu,   47   makes   up   the   2nd largest   ski   area   in   Hakuba.   47   is   very   popular with       boarders       and       has       the       best snowpark/halfpipe   in   the   valley.   It   has   some great   steep   runs   and   being   North   facing,   it   is open every year till early May.

Tsugaike Ski Resort

Tsugaike   is   another   large   ski   resort   popular with    families    because    of    the    abundance    of beginner   slopes,   although   it   also   has   many intermediate   slopes   as   well.   It's   a   lovely   20 minutes   drive   from   the   Hakuba   township   or   a free shuttle bus trip.

Iwatake Ski Resort

Iwatake   is   another   resort   very   popular   with boarders    because    of    the    great    park    and halfpipe       facilities.       There       are       many intermediate   slopes,   but   not   many   steeps   or beginner   slopes.   Features   great   views   of   the alps.

Cortina Ski Resort

Cortina    is    known    as    the    powder    capital    of Hakuba,   both   for   the   huge   amounts   of   snow   it gets,   and   also   for   the   steep   and   bottomless tree   runs.   There   is   a   great   beginners   area   at the    bottom    along    with    many    intermediate runs.
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Sanosaka Hakuba

This   resort   is   a   great   family   one,   if   somewhat small.   Most   of   the   runs   are   fairly   short   and   will suit    intermediates.There    is    a    great    4    way kicker   at   the   base   of   the   mogul   run   for   some truly   big   air,   and   some   lovely   views   of   Lake Aokiko.

Hakuba Norikura

Norikura    is    a    medium    sized    resort    next    to Cortina.   It   is   still   big   enough   to   be   interesting for    most    people    and    it    has    a    great    terrain park,    including    a    very    popular    half    pipe.    It tends    to    be    spread    across    the    mountain making most of the runs fairly short.

Kashimayari Ski Resort

Kashimayari   is   a   medium   size   ski   resort   with a   good   range   of   courses   and   is   the   first   one you   will   see   coming   to   Hakuba   from   Tokyo.   It is   also   one   of   the   least   crowded   resorts   as most   people   tend   to   bypass   it   on   the   way   to Hakuba proper.