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If   you   are   in   the   station   area   you   are   blessed-   there   are   at   least   4   shops   within   a   5   minute   walk.   Very   good   place   to   start if time is not an issue. See the map below for locations. Montbell.   Located   upstairs   of   the   Happo   Information   Centre.   Has   a   wide   range   of   wear   and   some   backcountry accessories. Wear is especially good value. Kojitsusanso.   Probably   biggest   outdoor   shop   in   Hakuba.   Great   range   of   jackets   and   pants,   and   other   wear.   They have   a   discount   outlet   on   the   1st   floor,   so   don’t   miss   that.   Also   lots   of   other   accessories   and   backcountry   gear.     Limited amount of actual skis or boards. Take your passport to get it tax free. Yamatoya . Smaller shop near station but have a wide range of well priced gear. Worth a look. North Face. Big flashy shop uphill from the station- lots of outdoor wear, but a little on the pricey side. Patagonia. Near North Face and sellling similar gear. Rapie   Backcountry.   The   shop   for   backcountry   gear.   Talk   to   Matsumoto   san   (the   owner)   for   very   good   unbiased advice.  He keeps his prices at the same or less than what you will find on the net. Garage 902. In Echoland near Mt Hakuba Backpackers. Good range of gear but dont’ expect a bargain. Rhythm.   Big   shop   in   Wadano   (upper   Happo).   Lots   of   very   good   gear,   but   priced   accordingly.   If   you   want   the   best and are willing to pay for it probably go straight here. The Boarding co. Near the station-specializes in Powder snowboards, skis and backccountry kits.
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