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Hakuba   is   very   spread   out   so   walking   is   not   always   the   best   option.   As   a   rough   guide   it   is   about   20 mins   walk   from   the   Happo   Info   centre   down   to   the   train   station   and   about   30   mins   walk   from   Echoland to the Happo Info centre. See the map below for info.


Alps Daiichi Kotsu Ph: 0261-722221 Shinshu Meitetsu Taxi Ph: 0261-722236 Hakuba Kanko taxi Ph: 0261:722144

Free shuttle buses to the ski resorts

All of the resorts have free shuttle buses to/from accommodation. See this page for the timetables.

Night bus

The   Genki   Go   bus   runs   from   roughly   the   23rd   December   ,   till   the   end   of   February   each   year.   It   is   a   cheap   way   to get   around   Hakuba   in   the   evening.   You   purchase   the   ticket   from   the   driver   (300   yen).   Make   sure   you   have   the correct   money   as   he   cannot   give   you   change,   even   from   a   1000   yen   note.   Working   out   the   timetable   is   an   art unto itself. See Night bus timetable

Renting a Car

This is a viable option. See our car rental page  for more information.
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Getting around Hakuba

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