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Hakuba Ski & Snowboard Lessons

It   is   easy   to   get   ski   or   snowboard   lessons   in   English   in   Hakuba.   You   can   get   either   private   or group   lessons.   If   there   are   just   1   or   2   of   you   group   lessons   will   be   the      cheaper   option   and   if you   are   beginners   then   a   group   lesson   is   probably   the   way   to   go-sometimes   it   helps   to   watch other   beginners   either   doing   the   right   thing   or   completely   messing   it   up.      For   advanced riders,   they   will   probably   prefer   private   lessons   but   a   group   lesson   is   worth   considering   as often   there   will   only   be   2   or   3   in   the   group.      Be   careful;   lessons   do   NOT   include   rental equipment or lift passes. A   group   lesson   ranges   from   ¥6,000   for   a   2   hr   lesson   up   to   ¥9,000   or   so   for   a   2   1/2 hour   lesson.   Normally   a   group   size   will   be   3-8,   but   this   will   depend   on   the   skill   level. Lower   skill   levels   usually   have   more   students   and   advanced   riders   may   find   there   are only   2   or   3   students   in   the   group   making   this   a   viable   alternative   to   paying   for   a private lesson. Private   lessons   start   from   ¥18,000   for   a   2   hr   lesson   and   is   generally   about   ¥50,000 yen   for   a   whole   day.      No   point   in   doing   a   private   lesson   if   the   members   of   your   group are all different skill levels-do group lessons instead. Kids   are   taught   in   separate   groups   to   the   adults   and   the   way   to   go   is   to   get   the   full   day lessons   which   have   supervised   lunch   periods,   so   that   you   can   dump   them   at   the   school   and run   off   to   do   your   own   thing.   They   will   enjoy   hanging   out   with   the   other   kids.   Kids   lessons normally start from 5yrs for skiing and 7 or 8 for snowboarding.

Hakuba Snowsports.

Based   out   of   the   Iimori   section   of   Goryu,   this      professionally   run   outfit   offers   both   group lessons and private lessons. Both kids and adults are catered for. 

Evergreen International Hakuba.

Long   standing   school   &   outdoor   sports   centre   based   out   of   the   Kokusai   section   of   Happo. Group   prices   are   a   little   more   than   Hakuba   Snowsports,   but   the   lessons   are   longer   as   well.     Once again either adults or kids are catered for.  

International Snowsports














choose. Especially good for advanced skiers with racing aspirations.

Hakuba Ski Concierge

Hakuba   Ski   Concierge   is   a   relatively   new   school   run   out   of   Hakuba   47   and   specializes   in     customised private ski or board lessons.

Hakuba 47 Snowboard school. 

Lessons   are   in   English   but   given   by   Japanese   instructors   as   opposed   to   native   English speakers. High emphasis on techique.

Hakuba Happo Ski & Snowboad School

Private   lessons   in   English,   but   group   lessons   in   Japanese   only.   They   have   3   school   centres; at Nakiyama, at Sakka and at the top of the gondola, all in Happo.

Hakuba Cortina Ski & Board lessons

From   the   2017-18   season   Cortina   is   offering   private   ski   or   snowboard   lesssons   in   English. Offload the missus or kids at the school and go grab some pow for yourself.    
Lesson rates Full day private lesson/resort guiding: ¥55,000 Half day private lesson/resort guiding: ¥30,000 Full day private powder discovery: ¥55,000 Half day private powder discovery ¥40,000 Concierge   Club   Pass   -   Any   10   full   days   throughout   the   season ¥475,000

Hakuba Ski Concierge

www.hakubaskiconcierge.com info@hakubaskiconcierge.com Ph: +81 80 6933 5691 Based out of Hakuba 47 ski resort. Free pick up and drop off    Hakuba   Ski   Concierge   is   the   first   boutique   ski   school   in   Hakuba   that exclusively    offers    private    ski    and    snowboard    lessons,    and    resort guiding   services.   Comprised   of   a   handful   of   experienced,   first   rate instructors,   all   services   are   completely   customized   and   provide   door to   door   transportation,   excellent   instruction   and   full   flexibility   with   time management.