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Hakuba Season Lift Passes Guide

If you are staying the ski season then you will probably want to get a season pass- these are your choices. Hakuba Valley Season Pass ; does all 11 resorts in Hakuba on a single ticket- about ¥ 130,000 Happo Season Pass. About ¥ 70,000 yen but an earlybird weekday pass is only ¥47,000 yen and an earlybird weekday/weekend pass is ¥60,000. Hakuba   47/Goryu   Combined   Season   Pass :     About   ¥ 63,000   yen   but   they   do   have   2   x   early   bird   options   -   if   you   get   it   by   end   of   September   it   is   less   than ¥ 50,000, the other early bird option is an extra ¥ 5,000 but you only have to get it by the end of November. Tsugaike season pass. Get in between Oct 1st and Nov 30th to get a season pass for just ¥ 35,000 Iwatake season pass.  Just ¥ 34,000 if you get in by 10th December JTB Season Pass - does Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura,Sanosaka and Kashimayari for ¥ 55,000

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