Hakuba Snowmobile Tours

Every   dreamed   of   driving   a   snowmobile   through   virgin   fresh snow?   Well,   if   you   are   coming   to   Hakuba   this   is   your   chance. For   a   very   affordable   price   you   can   jump   on   either   a   half   day snowmobile     tour     and     live     your     dream.     Besides     the exhilaration   you   will   feel   from   riding   your   snowmobile   you   will also   get   to      explore   some   areas   where   other   people   can’t   get access to. You   don’t   need   any   previous   snowmobiling   experience.Your guide   will   show   you   how   to   use   your   snowmobile   and   after   a short    practice    you    will    be    off    on    your    first    snowmobile adventure.   Generally   the   snowmobiling   part   of   the   tour   will   be either   30   minutes   or   60   minutes.   We   recommend   the   longer tour   as   it   is   firstly   much   better   money   for   value,   and   secondly you can get further and thus more interesting snow terrain. Snowmobile company information coming soon!  
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