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Bars and Restaurants in the Happo area of Hakuba

Note:most   restaurants   in   Hakuba   are   extremely   busy   over   the   ski   season,   especially   from   Xmas   until   the   end   of   February.   It   is   highly   recommended   you make   a   booking   wherever   possible   unless   otherwise   stated   below,   and   if   you   have   a   group   of   5   or   more   it   is   imperative   you   do   so.   Having   said   that   a   fair number   of   the   restaurants   do   not   accept   bookings   during   this   period   due   to   no   and   late   shows   in   which   case   you   just   have   to   rock   up   and   hope   for   the   best. Arriving before 6 pm will help. Explantion of restaurant types: Yakiniku =Korean   style   grilled   BBQ,   where   the   meat   and   vegies   are   given   to   you   already   sliced   up   and   you   cook   them   yourself   on   the   small   bbq   on your table. Izakaya = Japanese style bar where you order lots of small dishes as opposed to a main, and you share the dishes amongst you all. Great fun. Teishoku    =   Japanese   style   restaurants   that   serve   set   menus.   Meals   usually   consist   of   a   main   dish,   rice,   miso   soup   and   pickled   vegies.   Usually   quite cheap. Teppanyaki = Chef cooks your thinly sliced meat/fish/vegies on BBQ hot plate. Often served to you sizzling hot on your own hotplate dish.

Restaurant/bar list

UsagiDaira Terrace At the top of the gondola. Pasta, curry etc. Open daily 08.30-16.30 No reservation required Menu       Map Uncle Stevens Mexican restaurant downhill from the gondola. Open daily 11.00-22.00   Ph:+81-261-72-7569 Menu        Map   Restaurant Koiya Japanese restaurant, speciality is grilled eel. 11.00-14.30, 17.30-20.00 Ph:+81-261-72-2245     Menu        Map yamagami Shokudo Japanese alacarte & grilled bbq 11.30-14.00, 18.00-22.00       Ph:+81-261-72-8228 Menu        Map Closed Tuesdays Wasabi  Japanese sushi & beef restaurant next to gondola Open daily 17.30-23.00      Ph:+81-261-723946   Menu       Map Maeda Soba Japanese soba restaurant near the info centre. Open daily 11.00-21.00    Ph:+81-261-722295  Menu       Map OYukkuri Mixed Japanese cuisine-sushi, hot pots and more 11.30-14.00, 17.30-21.00     Ph:+81-261-722661   Menu        Map Kihachi Small izakaya bar very near the info centre 18.00-23.00   Ph:+81-261-723950   Menu       Map   Happo Bijin Ramen   Ramen restaurant next to the Happo Onsen 11.00-16.00 closed wed.    Ph:+81-261-85-0363     Menu       Map Hakuba Taproom Bar with great views of Happo at Panorama hotel Open daily 11.00-22.00     Ph:+81-261-750075        Menu       Map Bangkok Ya Thai restaurant at the base of the Nakiyama lifts 11.00-15.00, 17.00-21.00 Ph:+81-261-727081      Menu       Map Closed Thursdays Cafe Do 4260 Typical ski cafe/restaurant at bottom of gondola. 08.00-21.00   Ph:+81-261-72563    Menu      Map Cru Cafe Pizzeria and pasta restaurant near the info centre Open daily 17.30-23.00       Ph:+81-261-729090    Menu       Map   Lion Cafe/Bar Sandwiches, burgers, coffee and beer etc. Open daily 07.30-late No reservation required    Menu        Map Sharaku Japanese style Izakaya restaurant at Springs hotel Open daily 18.00-23.00     Ph:+81-261-755511         Menu        Map Washiya Japanese style Izakaya restaurant near info centre 17.00-late Ph:+81-261-723048    Menu      Map Recovery Bar Bar with Aussie cuisine and DJs at Gondola hotel Open daily 07.30-late     No reservation required     Menu Map Sakura Teppanyaki restaurant at Hotel Goryukan   Open daily 18.00-21.00   Ph:+81-261-723939      Menu Map Jacks Bar   Sports bar in the Springs hotel complex Open daily  16.00-late   Ph:+81-261-755022             Menu Map Bar Refuel Cocktail bar near the info centre at Hotel Grace. Open daily 16.00-late No reservation required       Menu Map  
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